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Interested in sponsorship?

The purpose of this sponsorship proposal is to find the right company that will benefit from the advertising opportunities as a Race Team Sponsor

How your company will benefit.

Amateur, professional and semiprofessional motor sport offers exposure for corporations and has become a very lucritive advertising opportunity.  Race team sponsorship offers companies the chance to increase their recognition and contribution through community involvement during the year.  All contributions towards race team sponsorship are considered advertising and, consequently, are entirely tax deductible.  Here are some of the advertising and promotional features for a race team sponsor:

  • Sponsor's name and logo can be worn by racer and will be visible on race car and trailer. ( This gives the Sponsor exposure during trips to and from race events)
  • Race commentator throughout the day will announce sponsor's name and location.
  • Sponsor's name is printed in race results in newspapers and on numerous websites.
  • Sponsor's name and info will be added to this website.
  • Pictures and/or photo sessions are available to help further promote the sponsor.
  • Access to pit area allows the fans to see the race cars and teams up close.  This gives me the opportunity to further promote you, the Sponsor.
  • Driver and car will be available to you for exhibitions, appearances, and autographs.
  • Driver and car regularly attend parades (including Klondike days) and car shows.

Car #64 on trailer - a blank canvas

Just waiting for your name and logo!

Edmonton International Raceway

Wouldn't your company name look great as the car flies past the stands?

OK, so you're convinced. Now what?

Your first step is to contact one of our owners.  Their contact information is on the contact page.  Second, chose what level of sponsorship you wish to join at.  There are various levels available.

We look forward to hearing from you!!